Saturday, April 12, 2014

Cutest Guest

Albion Inn's early spring garden, with Eloise the Doxie and her girl Sarah

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Taste of Ashland 2014, April 26 & 27

A Taste of Ashland is coming up fast! This is one activity Gary and I enjoy each time we go. Super easy walking distance from the Albion Inn. Come stay with us and make a weekend out of it!
17 Galleries + Wine + Food = One delicious art experience!
Ashland, Ore. - Celebrating its twenty-fifth year, the Ashland Gallery Association’s signature fundraising event is A Taste of Ashland. This annual walking tour of Ashland galleries pairs local restaurants and regional wineries to create Ashland’s most delicious art experience. In 2014 A Taste of Ashland is on Saturday and Sunday, April 26th and 27th from noon to 4p.m. Foodies and wine connoisseurs from all along the west coast follow a map to 17 galleries, to discover Ashland’s best restaurants and the region’s best wines. For a complete list of pairings, click here.
“A Taste of Ashland is the ultimate Ashland experience!” says Jeff Jones, Event Coordinator. “Tasters stroll leisurely through the quaint town of Ashland all afternoon, experiencing the best of Ashland art, food and wine, then have time to relax and attend an Oregon Shakespeare Festival performance in the evening. What could be better!”
Tasters will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite restaurant, winery and gallery using a ballot for the Taster’s Choice award. By doing so, their name will be entered into a drawing for two weekend passes to A Taste of Ashland 2015.
Tickets for A Taste of Ashland are: $60 for both Saturday and Sunday, $50 for Saturday only and $40
for Sunday only. Despite demand, tickets to the Taste remain limited so as to ensure that it is not
over-crowded. A free shuttle by AllAboard Trolley, will offer rides to all 17 galleries, but most are
within walking distance.
Tickets can also be purchased and wine glasses picked up prior to A Taste weekend at the Ashland Plaza Kiosk from 12 noon to 2p.m April 18 through April 25. The Kiosk will open at 11a.m. on April 26th and 28th.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Carlos Nakai and Will Clipman at the Albion

The Albion Inn is again pleased to welcome visiting performers to our fair town. Please join us here at the Albion and share our breakfast table with our interesting guests. Give us a call today. There are still good rooms available!


Eclectic Music and More

R. Carlos Nakai
Native American Flute
with Will Clipman, percussion

Silent Auction to benefit Red Earth Descendants

Friday, March 28, 2014 8pm
Tickets: $25/advance, $28/door, $10/teens 12-17,
children under 12 are free with paying adult.
Unitarian Fellowship, 4th and C Streets, Ashland
music Ashland Oregon
R. Carlos Nakai
Of Navajo-Ute heritage, R. Carlos Nakai is the world's premier performer of the Native American flute. Originally trained in classical trumpet and music theory, Nakai was given a traditional cedar wood flute as a gift and challenged to see what he could do with it.
Since 1983, he has released over 35 albums on the Canyon label. In addition to his solo appearances throughout the United States, Europe, and Japan, Nakai has worked with guitarist William Eaton, flutist Paul Horn, composers James DeMars and Phillip Glass and various symphony orchestras.
While well-grounded in the traditional uses of the flute, Nakai has explored new musical settings including new age, world-beat jazz and classical. His cross-cultural collaborations have included an album with the Wind Travelin' Band, a Japanese folk ensemble and Tibetan flutist and singer Nawang Khechog on several productions including "In A Distant Place." Nakai has earned two gold records for "Canyon Trilogy" and "Earth Spirit" and has received nine Grammy® nominations. Nakai's career has been shaped by a desire to communicate a sense of Native American culture and society that transcends the common stereotypes presented in mass media.
During a career that has spanned nearly three decades, Nakai has recorded more than 35 albums, earned two gold records and toured the world many times. He is credited by music industry observers as being a major force in popularizing Native American music among a wider audience. In 2005, Nakai was inducted into the Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame and in 2009 was featured as an Arizona artist in the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, AZ. Nakai, however, is more than just a successful musician. In fact, he considers himself an educator first, and an advocate of preserving and sharing cultural traditions by collaborating through music.

music Ashland OregonWill Clipman
Will Clipman began playing his father's drums and his mother's piano at the age of three. He played his first professional gig at fourteen, and has since then has mastered a pan-global palette of over one hundred percussion instruments in addition to the traditional drumset. Will is a six-time GRAMMY® Nominee, a three-time Native American Music Award Winner, a Canadian Aboriginal Music Award Winner, a New Age Reporter Music Award Winner, and a two-time TAMMIE Award Winner; and has been inducted into the Tucson Musicians Museum for his contributions to the musical community in his hometown. Will has recorded over sixty albums, including over thirty for Canyon Records, where he is regarded as the house percussionist. In addition to his solo work, Will performs with R. Carlos Nakai, William Eaton, Solvei & ZumaSOL, Amber Norgaard, Gabriel Ayala and Coyote Jump among many other internationally-acclaimed artists. Will's solo CD Pathfinder earned a GRAMMY® Nomination for Best New Age Album. His Planet of Percussion® performance and workshop provides a hands-on tour of world music rhythm and polyrhythm.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ashland's Ice Skating Rink

Did you know you can go ice skating in Lithia Park? Every winter the Rotary Club floods a lower parking lot to create an ice rink. This year they've upgraded the rink with a new cover. Skate rental is super-cheap.
Ashland Rotary Club Centennial Ice Rink
 Come on up for a weekend, just to go ice skating! What could be more fun?

Did you know our winter rates are only $99 a night? Two organic breakfasts included!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Albion Inn Hosts the Grimm

We don't often get drop-ins on our front porch who arrive without a reservation. But one quiet day in late spring, I took a phone call from a traveler passing through Ashland on his way to Los Angeles from Portland, wondering if we had any rooms for the night. I said "sure," and met him at the front door. There, bigger than life, stood David Giuntoli, titular star of the series "Grimm."
David Giuntoli.
(photo credit: )

"Oh my God, you're the Grimm!" I said.
"David Giuntoli," he replied, graciously offering his hand.
Anyone who knows me knows I am seldom at a loss for words. Even less likely that this 60-year-old philosopher-cum-innkeeper would be hit on the head with a fairy stick, rendering me a giggling, blushing, trembling fool. But it happened.
David treated me kindly and respectfully, despite my unseemly fan reaction. I imagine it happens to him all the time. David Giuntoli is one of the rare humans blessed or cursed by incredibly good looks and charisma. Blessed is obvious; cursed less so, but after the thrill of deification wears off, one such as he may wind up feeling set apart from the rest of us, and social isolation is never fun.
I was so juiced up that I had to take his credit card into the kitchen so he couldn't see my hand shaking as I copied down the number.
The house tour, "help yourself to cookies," "here's the cream sherry," was punctuated by the most embarrassing giggles and sideways glances.
The next morning the poor fellow was treated to my Simple Explanation of Absolutely Everything philosophy and an autographed book. (That's right--I gave him my autograph.)
 buy The Simple Explanation
Even worse, I pressed upon him the novelization of my screenplay, Reality Crash, and gave him the 5-minute pitch, extracting a promise to deliver it to his talent agency in Los Angeles for a possible movie deal. "Reality Crash was written for you! A perfect science fiction star vehicle for your big screen debut!"
buy Reality Crash
We hugged goodbye a couple of times. Okay, I threw myself into his arms three or four times, and he was very sweet about it. I tell you, this guy's a real mensch. Here's the last words he said to me, "Cyd, you are a force to be reckoned with." <sigh>
I've been sending mojo-laden vibrations his way ever since, trying to influence the fate of Reality Crash. Still no word, but hope springs eternal. Meanwhile, David, if you come to the Albion Inn again, I promise--no giggles.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ashland New Plays Festival Winner -- Bo Wilson

This month the Albion Inn was privileged to house visiting playwright and Ashland New Plays Festival winner, Bo Wilson.

Playwright Bo Wilson holding a cuppa organic Joe in the Albion Inn's dining room.
Bo Wilson's play, "The Boatwright," was one of four top picks at this year's Ashland New Plays Festival. I attended one of the readings of Bo's play, and I can tell you there wasn't a dry eye in the house when the curtain came down. (Figuratively speaking--it was actually a reading; but the tears were real.) The Boatwright is a play you will surely be seeing onstage one day soon.
Bo Wilson, "The Boatwright"

Bo Wilson and actor-friend Todd Jeffries walk Ashland's bucolic streets

The Albion Inn hosts an Ashland New Plays Festival winner every year. Eat breakfast with a playwright! Reserve your week with us now for this fun event.

Here's the link to the ANPF website.

Bo sent me an email with this poem enclosed. I'm reposting it here.
(with apologies to “Good Night, Moon”:)

 Good night, perfect town.

Good night, perfect Ashland town.

Good night, perfect colors, all around.

Good night, mountains. Good night, hills.

Good night, Ashland Creek, and your burbling rills.

Good night, long walks in Lithia Park.

Good night to the skunk, somewhere in the dark.


Good night, poor Lear. Good night, sweet Shrew.

Good night, Black Sheep, Dragonfly, and Tabu.

Good night, all the bookstores and coffee shops, too.


Good night, Albion. Good night, Cyd.

Good night, gorgeous breakfasts and all that you did.


Good night, play readers. Good night, Mr. Rowe.

Good night to the welcome that made me say “Wow!”


Good night, Ms. Pachino. Good night, Mr. Ford.

Good night, Mr. Manley. Good night, festival board.

And good night, best Ellen, whom we all so adored.


Good night, perfect weather.

Good night, perfect sky.

Good night, perfect people.

Good night. Goodbye.
                       --Bo Wilson, October 2013

Friday, November 1, 2013

2013 Round-Up -- News and Pix

Now that it's November, your innkeeper has some spare time to bring this blog up-to-date.
Many, many deer this year, all around the neighborhood. They managed to break into the garden a couple of times and eat the roses and cherry tomatoes.

Albion guests enjoy beaking in the garden. ("Beaking" was a word of the day last year. It means to sit and warm yourself in the sunshine or in front of a fire.)
Every breakfast begins with a fresh, organic, fruit salad. We like to make them pretty as well as yummy. Sometimes I can't resist taking a picture. The edible flowers and mints are from our herb garden.

We grew our own tomatoes and peppers, and a variety of herbs for breakfasts--oregano, mint, dill, rosemary, basil--and edible flowers, too.



Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Albion's Youngest Cat--Odot

Albion Inn's year-old housecat, Odot, and guests.
Father's Day, 2012, we found baby Odot on Hwy 66 near Emigrant Lake. He's a year old now and quite the charmer.
Baby Odot, June 2012

Odot, one year old

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Easter Breakfast at the Albion Inn

Easter breakfast at the Albion Inn. Fruit course with Peeps.

Easter breakfast at the Albion Inn; fresh fruit salad with Peeps, first course.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Taste of Ashland 2013 -- April 27th and 28th

I'm reposting this press release from A Taste of Ashland. Gary and I always enjoy walking the galleries with our souvenir wine glasses in hand. The food samples from Ashland's best chefs are great! It's totally worth the price. Stay at the Albion Inn--only two rooms left!

In its twenty-fourth year, A Taste of Ashland is the Ashland Gallery Association's signature fund-raising. This annual walking tour of Ashland galleries pairs local restaurants and regional wineries to create Ashland's most delicious art experience. In 2013 A Taste of Ashland is on Saturday and Sunday, April 27th and 28th from noon to 4p.m. Foodies and wine connoisseurs from all along the west coast follow a map to 17 galleries, to discover Ashland's best restaurants and the region's best wines. 

Tickets for A Taste of Ashland are: $55 for both Saturday and Wine Tasting Sunday, $45 for Saturday only and $35 for Sunday only. A free shuttle will be provided to all 17 galleries, but most are within walking distance.

LOCAL TICKET OUTLETS: Illahe Studios & Gallery 215 Fourth St., Ashland and Ashland Art Center 357 East Main St., Ashland or by calling 541-292-2302

You can buy your tickets now at our website.
But this year should be the best ever! Visit A Taste of Ashland website for a complete list of the pairngs. website.
The Perfect Pairing
Wine glass Imagine spending all afternoon tasting some of Southern Oregon's best wines, sampling some of Ashland's best restaurants and strolling from gallery to gallery in one of America's Best Arts towns. Then, take a nap and take in a Oregon Shakespeare Festival play in the evening. This is the ultimate Ashland experience! 
A Limited Engagement

Despite demand, tickets to The Taste remains limited so as to ensure that it is not over-crowded. We want everyone to relax and enjoy the art, food, wine, and desserts!
As such, we expect demand for tickets to be as great as ever this year -- and we expect the Taste to be the best ever in the history of the event. So reserve your tickets now!

We hope to see you there!

Jeff Jones
A Taste of Ashland Event Coordinator 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Albion's Dutch Baby Pancakes in USA Today!

Well, we did not "win" the recipe contest because it turned out the "voting" was a Facebook popularity contest. And we're not going to bother our guests with some Facebook publicity scheme. Sorry!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Best Breakfast in Town! Recipe Finalist!

Cyd's original recipe for Blueberry-Lemon Curd Dutch Baby Pancakes is a finalist in's Best B&B Breakfast tournament.
Click here to visit to view the other seven finalists.

Come stay at the Albion Inn and taste for yourself why our all-organic breakfasts are called "The Best Breakfast in Ashland."

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ashland Independent Film Festival -- April 4--8

Join us at the Albion Inn!

General Admission tickets are ON SALE NOW for the 12th annual Ashland Independent Film Festival, April 4 - 8, 2013. Plus, our first "TBA" screening announcement!

General public tickets are on sale now at our online box office and from 4pm – 6pm Monday and Friday and 12pm - 3pm Saturday and Sunday at pre-sale box office at Ashland Hardwired, 340 A Street in Ashland. AIFF memberships are still available and include early entry to theatres, members-only box office during the festival and more. The festival includes 91 documentary, feature and short films at the art-deco Varsity Theatre, Historic Ashland Armory, Ashland Street Cinema and special events at the Ashland Springs Hotel. View a full festival schedule for film descriptions, times and ticket availability.

First “TBA” Film Announced

Each year the AIFF reserves three time slots on Monday, April 8th for films that may require additional screenings due to ticket demand that exceeds our initial availability. We are pleased to announce that our first TBA film will be an added a screening of Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to find out about additional screenings as soon as they are announced.

Calling all Families!

Join us Saturday April 6 and Sunday April 7 at our newest festival venue, the Ashland Street Cinemas, for FAMILY SHORTS, a collection of ten short films geared for kids 5+, but whose creativity will engage and delight all ages. $1.50 will be donated to the non-profit Ashland Schools Foundationfor each Family Shorts ticket purchased, thanks to Coming Attractions Theatres, Project A, and the AIFF!